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The management of your software systems and automation applications is now more critical than ever. Many of these systems are integral to the manufacture and disposition of your products.

Our Software Managed Service offering provides you with additional resources and expertise to support and maintain your systems in a flexible and cost effect model which can be custom-built to suit your needs.

Our offerings in this area include

  • Software Managed Support Desk
  • Software Configuration Management
  • Software Release Management
  • Database Management
  • Professional Placement

Here are 5 reasons why partnering with Dataworks for your Software Managed Services is the right move!

managed services

1. Part of your Team

When you start working with Dataworks you will see a difference between us and other contractors.  From the moment that we come on site to start a project, we become part of your team as we integrate into your organisation seamlessly. We take pride in our work and helping you to achieve your goals and objectives as these are also ours giving you confidence in the ability of our support staff to provide a high level of service.

2. Experience/Qualifications and Backup

Our multi-skilled, cross-functional team share accountability and responsibility for the IT services we provide. All 1st line support staff are qualified to NFQ Level 8-9 in software and technical related disciplines.  Our Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2015 certified, ensuring we deliver to the highest industry standards. Our Managed Services are based on the ITIL framework, ensuring a streamlined and effective service.

You can be assured that tickets raised are addressed in a proficient manner with high quality resolutions provided.

We are also supported by an extensive team of Software Developers and Validation Engineers who are available to provide further expertise if required on an ad-hoc basis, if we need to escalate any issues, or to validate any changes made to an application where needed. This ensures you can rely on our team to resolve your tickets raised with a high level of expertise.

3. Flexibility & Cost Savings

To ensure we can tailor our Managed Services to your requirements we supply both on-site and off-site support. It is key when starting a contract that we spend some time on-site to ensure we understand how your business operates – this also gives your team an opportunity to get to know us and our capabilities leading to better collaboration. The flexibility in our availability allows you to increase or decrease resources as required which allows you to access resources in a cost-effective way.

4. Knowledge Base & Continuous Improvement

We pride ourselves in the documentation that we produce. We capture both the Explicit Knowledge and the Tacit Knowledge that all of your employees have to build a robust Knowledge Base. We organise, create and capture this knowledge to aid in the understanding of the issues and the fixes that are involved, and we promote collaboration between Dataworks staff and your employees to get to the root cause of issues. This knowledge capture and analysis allows us to continually improve the level of expertise and service we provide to you.

5. Knowledge Transfer

We facilitate Transfer of Knowledge to your staff as this is a key area that will allow you to become more self-sufficient. This will lead to increased productivity. We work closely with your technical team to ensure that knowledge is exchanged, and skills are developed in both your team and our own resources.

“I would like to give a huge thanks to the Dataworks team. We were given unbelievable support throughout with the system and typically one day or less turnaround on support with issues. I had multiple comments from the guys on how they wished all our dealings with vendors were as easy as Dataworks.”

Principal Systems Engineer, Global Medical Device Organisation

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you to manage your critical software and automation applications or learn more about our Software Managed Services here.


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