Unlock the value of Digital Transformation

Life Sciences moves too fast for old technology.

If you’re stuck with paper-based, manual processes or standalone systems, it’s almost impossible to meet today’s challenges – like keeping to tough production schedules while ensuring compliance. The result is a lack of responsiveness, competitiveness and a compromised experience for customers and patients.

Digital Transformation builds better organisations. By closing the digital gaps that exist between your core systems, and by automating and digitising manual and paper based processes, you can accelerate your Digital Transformation Journey. Leveraging the latest communication and productivity platforms will also better support remote working and ensure you maintain a connected team and a culture of collaboration and innovation.

With Digital Transformation, compliance and efficiency go hand-in-hand. For example, by migrating from a paper-based Batch Record System to a fully integrated digital system, you save time and money and ensure compliance – while generating new metrics that help make critical processes more efficient. You can also transform the way you measure, analyse and visualise key metrics.

By giving people better insights from data, it equips them to make better decisions. On this foundation, you can develop a culture that maximises people’s skills and contributions.

Dataworks can make your Digital Transformation a reality. We understand the processes in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, and we know how to apply the right technologies. For you, this leads to better outcomes for your customers, patients and your team.

Why You Should Choose Dataworks

We understand your true business need

With over 25 years experience our deep knowledge of your processes allows us to get the root of your issue quickly.

Dataworks SDLC

Our bespoke SDLC is based on Agile methodologies and ensures continual communication with you at every step of the development process.

Skilled & Experienced Resources

Highly qualified resources who are passionate about delivering innovative solutions to meet your needs.

Improved Data, Better Decisions

Our transformational solutions will provide you with better data enabling you to make better decisions

Knowledge Transfer

Tech Transfer is a key element in building partnerships with our clients which is mutually beneficial. We work closely with your technical team to ensure that knowledge is exchanged and skills are developed in both your team and our own resources.

Continuous Improvement

We strive to work with our customers to continually improve our service and engagement with you to ensure that we maximise the value we add to your business.

We Make Your Life Easier

You will work with a dependable, flexible vendor who will help you to deliver & exceed on key projects.

Global Standards

Our Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2015 certified, ensuring we deliver to the highest industry standards.

Our Approach

We follow the below sequence which utilises many tried and trusted techniques from an Operational Excellence model in a Software Development and Delivery Life Cycle.

We use our Digital Maturity Assessment to work with you to identify your digital maturity level, develop a digital roadmap and identify the projects you wish to complete in order to progress to the next level of maturity.

Using a combination of No-Code, Low-Code, Power Platform and custom solutions we work in collaboration to close the digital gaps in an agile and innovative way. Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate enable us to accelerate this process. 

We also work in partnership with you to train and mentor your own internal technical and non-technical resources to upskill on the platforms. It is the combination of your insights and experience of the digital gaps on a day to day basis, our technical skills and domain knowledge, and the technology platforms that allow us both to engage in an accelerated Digital Transformation process which delivers real benefits in iterative steps.

Digitally Transforming Manufacturing

We focus on optimising your manufacturing operations and accelerating decision making by connecting information with people and business processes.

• End to End Visibility
• In-Process Quality
• Automate Business Processes
• Connected Assets & New Insights
• Empower your employees
• Culture of greater Collaboration

Leverage new technologies including the Microsoft Power Platform, MS Teams, Industrial IoT, Augmentation Reality, Big Data and Machine learning to make this a reality.

Phases of Digital Maturity

Pre Digital Plant

• Paper Based
• Low Level of Automation
• Minimal Integration

Digital Silos

• Islands of Automation
• Minimal Real-time Visibility

Connected Plant

• Top Floor – Shop Floor
• ERP – MES – Automation
• Some Analytics, but not

Predictive Plant

• End to End Visibility
• Real-time Analytics
• Advanced technologies
being used

Adaptive Plant

• Integration from Suppliers
to Patients
• Analytics and Machine Learning
• Simulation
• Digital Twin

We have worked with companies for over 25 years to achieve Operational Efficiencies and reductions in costs through having a connected plant, automating business and manufacturing processes, and implementing solutions which reduce paper and manual processes, and provide greater visibility and insights.

With advances in technology our solutions help our clients take the next step of moving to the predictive phase where additional incremental savings can be made.

While there are many Digital hotspots in manufacturing, including the Design Stage and at the Supply Chain level, there are many opportunities at the Manufacturing Operations level which are completely within your control, and where significant transformations can take place.

We can help you along this transformation journey and help you achieve your critical objectives.

Digital Transformation Use Cases

We can deliver bespoke solutions based on standard technologies
to meet your needs throughout your Digital Transformation
journey. These solutions can leverage and interface with your
existing core applications such as MES,ERP and plant Automation.

Based on your critical needs the most common use cases of Digital
Transformation are:

• Embracing new productivity platforms like MS Teams to support effective Tiered Operations meetings with remote and on-site resources.

• Extend these platforms with Power Apps that transform Action Trackers, Ideas Processes, 5S, A3 and other Continuous Improvement Processes.

• Automate manual, paper based and data transcription processes across all functions of the business with Power Automate.

• Manufacturing Execution Systems to remove paper based processes and batch records to fully integrated electronic batch record and manufacturing operations management.

• Applying technology to visual management and provide real time KPI visualisation to foster a culture of continuous improvement.

• Unlocking the true potential of your site through the use of
Prescriptive and Predictive Analytics.

• Embracing Industry 4.0, IoT and Machine Learning to gain further
insights from your data across your business functions.

Technologies We Use

Over the past 25 years we have learned that innovation, adaptability and flexibility is key to providing solutions that will truly Digitally Transform how you operate on a daily basis. Being a long established Microsoft partner we leverage the development technologies and their Power Platform to achieve Accelerated Digital Transformation in your organisation. We also work with a number of other leading technologies to ensure that we can provide you with a solution that will:

• deliver real and measurable benefits to your organisation

• provide you with a competitive edge while ensuring there is no risk to achieving your critical objectives

• adhere to your corporate standards

• close the digital gaps between your off-the-shelf corporate systems, and in your processes so that you can eliminate waste and drive productivity improvements

Digital Transformation & Software Solutions

System & Data Integration

Analytics & Visualisation

Machine Learning & Internet of Things

‘We understand the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, and we know how to apply the right technologies in the correct way. For you, this leads to better outcomes for your customers, patients and your team’.

Customer Success

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Q1 Scientific

Digital Transformation of Operations within the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Becton Dickinson

Delivering Electronic Batch Record & real time visibility in the Medical Device Industry

“Dataworks has been a significant contributor to the success of our Global Shop Floor Control system implementation. They take the time to really understand what we need as a customer – they go beyond just providing what is asked and provide incremental value by understanding what problem needs to be solved. They also seem to have a very flexible business design to be able to respond quickly to our unpredictable project workflows and have the ability to work globally for both project execution and support.“