Providing the correct blend of skills and
capacity that meets your needs.

The management of your
software systems and
automation applications is
now more critical than ever

Many of these systems are integral to the manufacture and disposition of your products.

Our managed service offering provides you with additional resources and expertise to support and maintain your systems in a flexible and cost effect model which can be custom-built to suit your needs.

You can experience a completely managed solution for your databases and applications which will provide support and maintenance of business activities across your systems. This managed service can take the form of on-site and remote support where we will seamlessly become a virtual extension of your team. We can expand or reduce the resources assigned to managing your systems based on your resourcing or project requirements. A key benefit of our model is that you can access a number of different technical skills and competencies, and different levels of expertise and experience in a mix that gives you the correct blend of skills and capacity that meets your needs, without having to have internal resources with different skills that may only be partially used at given times.

Over 25 years providing software support to leading Life Science organisations.

We have the requisite resources and support model based on the ITIL framework to meet your needs. Our services include outsourced helpdesk, on-site technical support and professional services.


Cost Savings & Efficiency Gains

Outsourcing of IT services such as Software Helpdesk, Maintenance of Business Application Support, Release Management and Database Administration can provide you with access to a broader pool of resources with a broader skills base in a cost effective way

Continuous Improvement

We have a culture of Lean and C.I. and strive to work with our customers to continually improve our service and engagement with you to ensure that we maximum the value we add to your business.

Knowledge Transfer

Tech Transfer is a key element in building partnerships with our clients which is mutually beneficial. We work closely with your technical team to ensure that knowledge is exchanged and skills are developed in both your team and our own resources.

Skilled & Experienced Resources

Highly qualified staff with extensive experience working with multiple technologies in highly regulated sectors including the Life Sciences

Strong Team Culture

When you require us to work on-site, your organisation benefits from the strong team culture fostered at Dataworks and our team integrate into your organisation seamlessly.

Fast Response Time

We can help you respond to support requests and system change requests from your business quickly, ensuring that you can respond to your changing business needs.

Global Standards

Our Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2015 certified, ensuring we deliver to the highest industry standards. Our Managed Services are based on the ITIL framework, ensuring a streamlined and effective service.

We Make Your Life Easier

The onboarding of our contract resources is easier for you to manage as our skilled and experienced engineers integrate seamlessly with your team and take ownership and responsibility for their deliverables. Many of our customers comment on how well and quickly our team integrate and are “up and running”.


Manage your needs in a cost effective way by using our resources in a flexible manner. We offer all clients a flexible engagement model to match to your resource requirements or project schedule.

Managed Support Desk

Your help desk can be outsourced and managed by the Dataworks Managed Services team. As the proud provider of managed help desk to customers in Ireland and the US, we specialise in the provision of a customised solution to meet your support requirements.

We can provide you with an SLA that maps to your business and budgetary requirements, ensuring value for money and optimum service levels. We deliver this service remotely and on-site, in a structure that meets your needs.

“our engineers will work in partnership with your
team to build and maintain a knowledge base”

Our help desk and software managed services adhere to the ITIL framework. As a company we are immersed in lean and continuous improvement projects both internally and for our multi-national clients, and we continually strive to improve our service to you our customer, and in turn, the service your IT group provides to your own internal customers.

Our team can provide Level 1 support, right up through the escalation process to ensure timely resolution to support requests. We also provide a full service around the areas of software changes, configuration management and software release management.

As part of our onsite service our engineers will work in partnership your team to build and maintain a knowledge base. Our support engineers systematically apply our Continuous Improvement principles to ensure root cause analysis is performed and will put resolutions in place so that these issues are not repeated. Often this includes working with key internal stakeholders in your organisation such as the development team when software issues are raised, and also with the training department where user training needs to be provided.

Software Configuration Management

Working in the highly regulated Life Sciences Sector the tracking and control of changes in software is critical to the operation of your business and in ensuring that you are compliant with the latest GAMP5 regulations.

We can assist you in putting the correct SCM procedures in place, and ensure that they are followed so that changes to your bespoke and COTS applications are managed correctly.

Our team can help you to manage and control the activities of multiple development, testing and validation resources all working on the same application software. Our Software Configuration Management encompasses all the disciplines and processes relating to the controlling of software changes during projects, and after Go Live.

Our services in this area include:

  • Source Code Control and Version Management
  • Application Promotion Management
  • Release Management
  • Change Management & Defect Tracking
  • Document Management including all related SDLC and Project
  • Auditing of your change management processes.

Software Release Management

Particularly in regulated industries, the process of managing, planning, scheduling and controlling a software build through your different environments is critical. Many companies like yours have Development, QA and Production environments.

Managing the software release through the phases of your SDLC, and through these environments can be complex. We help you manage this and reduce and eliminate the risk.

At Dataworks we oversee the development, testing, deployment and support of software releases through your different environments, and post “Go-Live” in your Production environment. We cover all aspects of release management and tailor it to your Systems Development Life Cycle or our own Dataworks SDLC. Our process is a hybrid of Agile and the traditional deliverables required in an FDA regulated environment. It has proven to be a very cost effective and compliant process for managing software releases in the medical device and pharmaceutical sectors.

We can provide a release management service to you that suits your chosen SDLC to include:

Software Build
Release Notes
Installation Scripts
including Database
Object installations
Training for Business
Users and IT staff

Your Software Release Management processes and procedures need to be robust and need to comply with best practices and the lates regulations. Without proper release management, all upstream elements of your Software Life Cycle will be compromised. We can help you ensure you that all releases are implemented in a structured and seamless manner.

Database Management

Maintaining mission critical systems requires specific focus on the managment of your databases. This is critical to ensure your systems perform correctly and also to ensure that you comply with the latest Data Integrity requirements.

We provide a full range of Database Administration Services both on-site and remotely through our team of Oracle Certified and Microsoft SQL Server Certified Database Administrators (DBA’s). Our highly skilled team provide DB Design, DB Monitoring, Performance Monitoring, Disaster Recovery and Optimisation services.

We work with mission critical systems for large manufacturing companies both nationally and internationally, including Level 3 systems which are critical from a manufacturing operations management perspective, and from an Electronic Batch Record perspective.

Based on your requirements we can provide both system and application DB support from part-time DBA work to full Database outsourcing (Oracle & SQL Server).

Professional Placement


If you are engaged in the transformation of your business and wish to leverage technology to help you deliver better outcomes for your customers, we can provide consultants with the domain knowledge and acumen to work with you and come up with the correct digital transformation for your business.

Project Management

We have a number of qualified Project Management Professionals who have experience in managing large scale multi-functional projects. We can also manage subsets of projects for you including the systems development portion, validation phase or indeed the introduction of new equipment.

Business Analyst

The Business Analyst role is critical to the success of any project. We can help to ensure your business needs are interpreted, documented and managed during the development phase of your projects. Our Business Analysts can be the critical link between your business users and the technical and validation teams to ensure that all systems deliver what is required by the business. Our Business Analysts have experience in working to a number of development methodologies including Agile, SCRUM and the more traditional methodologies.

Customer Success

“I would like to give a huge thanks to the Dataworks team. We were given unbelievable support throughout with the system and typically one day or less turnaround on support with issues. I had multiple comments from the guys on how they wished all our dealings with vendors were as easy as Dataworks.”

Principal Systems Engineer, Global Medical Device Organisation