You want to implement
software applications that will:

  • deliver real and measurable benefits to your organisation
  • provide you with a competitive edge while ensuring there is no risk to
    achieving your critical objectives
  • adhere to your corporate standards

We have chosen to partner with global technology leaders to make your Digital Transformation a reality. Our expertise and experience in each partner’s technology allows us to develop solutions that will deliver on your objectives and give you a solution that is future proofed.

We can also adapt to using a different technology if required to ensure that it complies with your corporate standards.

We understand the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, and we know how to apply the right technologies in the correct way. For you, this leads to better outcomes for your customers, patients and your team.

We have developed solutions using Microsoft technologies for over 23 years and are an approved members of Microsofts Independent Software Vendor program. We are experts in the Microsoft technology stack and provide scalable integrated applications to our multi-national clients.

We use the Microsoft.NET technologies to enhance performance because it combines unprecedented developer productivity with performance, reliability, and deployment.

We also use other MS platforms including Azure, Power BI, Dynamics and Sharepoint to deliver custom solutions which are based on leading edge technologies.

A number of our own products including MESWorks and KPIWorks are all based on the MS technologies.

Iconics have been a strategic business partner of ours for over 10 years providing us with the tools to create sophisticated applications to visualize , analyse and collect data from multiple data source types and delivering these
applications securely to our customers on any device. We leverage Iconics OPC connectivity to deliver innovative solutions where real-time data is required from automation and other manufacturing sources.

Iconics as a company are at the heart of the IoT revolution and their IoTWorX Solution allows us to provide the tools to take your company into the 4th Industrial Revolution and reap the associated cost savings benefits.

Iconics was awarded the 2018 Microsoft Manufacturing Partner of the Year.

Many of our clients use Lean and Six Sigma techniques to eliminate waste and improve the control of their manufacturing processes.

We are distributors and integrators for the WinSPC application from Datanet Quality Systems have implemented a number of Statistical Process Control solutions for our clients to help them achieve significant cost savings.

We leverage the core SPC functionality of WinSPC while also developing our own innovative data collection applications, including mobile device and direct data collection to ensure that you achieve the gains without impacting the work the Associates and Product Builders must to. In many cases we streamline their operations while collecting the critical to quality data which can be used to drive process improvements for you.