Our team live and breathe Life Sciences.
They are the ones who make a real difference.

Ensuring that our service to you is
transformational for your business.

We’ve delivered technology solutions to leaders in the life sciences for over 25 years, so we can understand your challenges quickly, identify the real issues and find a way forward. Our engineers have a deep understanding of your sector and can work with you to deliver transformational solutions.

We work collaboratively across all functions and levels in your organisation to ensure your solution is right first time. Our systems empower teams to work more effectively, equipping you to work faster and smarter.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become your most trusted software partner by adding real value to your business through collaborative innovation, technical adaptability and agile engagement.

Our Customers

We strive to become your most trusted software partner to ensure your continued success. Our Team want to help you achieve your objectives by actively engaging with you ensuring insightful collaboration.

We believe that every interaction with you should deliver real value by helping you to reduce waste, improve efficiency and streamline your processes.

“I would like to give a huge thanks to Liam and his team. We were given unbelievable support throughout with the system and typically one day or less turnaround on support with issues.

Principal Systems Engineer, Global Medical Device Organsiation

“Our team live and breathe Life Sciences. They are highly skilled and understand your domain and the regulations that apply to your sector. They are the ones who make a real difference.”

Brian Robinson CTO – Dataworks

Our Team


You will gain the benefits of working with a team of empowered and enthusiastic people who want to work in partnership with you to deliver real value to your business and help you achieve your critical objectives.

Our Process


We have ensured continued customer success for leaders in the Life Sciences for over 25 years using our unique customer focused Process. 

This ensures that the correct solution is delivered to you to the highest standard, and which complies with the latest regulatory requirements.


“Our team embrace our Process and thereby ensure that our service to you is truly transformational for your business”.

Liam Curham, CEO – Dataworks

Our Values


both ours and our clients and we commit to giving the best advice at all times.


we make it a core part of how we
think and work.

Our client’s objectives

we are committed to developing
long term partnerships with you.

Our team

their expertise and their opinions and we encourage development and leadership in each of them.


efficiency and effectiveness in our
project delivery.


in everything we do.

Our Principles

We have adopted principles which help drive the desired behaviours in our organisation. Our principles are closely aligned to the Shingo Model, which many of our customers have adopted in pursuit of Operational Excellence.

Respect every Individual

We respect every individual because everyone has something to contribute and should be listened to. We promote a culture of participation, openness and creativity where everyone’s opinion is respected.

Lead with Humility

We promote a coaching culture in a positive environment where our people are empowered and feel valued. We trust our team and support personal and professional development.

Assure Quality at Source

We have pride in our work andpromote Right First Time through coaching, regular reviews andfollowing procedures. Attention to detail is paramount.

Create Constancy of Purpose

We all believe in our vision and we communicate regularly internally and with our customers to ensure we support each other in achieving our objectives.

Focus on Process

We believe that standardisation and processes can help people achieve their true potential and help add value to our customers. We believe that it is essential that we continually review our processes to ensure that they do not stifle innovation or reduce flexibility.

Seek Perfection

We support a culture of continuous improvement at an individual, team and company level to enable us to achieve our vision.

Scientific Thinking

We embrace scientific thinking by ensuring all our decisions are informed by evidence. We encourage the use of structured methodologies and an holistic approach to problem solving.

Create Value for Our Customers

We believe that every interaction with our customer should strive to deliver real value by helping them reduce waste, improve efficiency and streamline their processes.