Information Technology Infrastructure Library

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) has been around since 1986 and with the collaboration of both public and private sectors it has grown into a very robust framework of best practices for identifying, planning, delivering and supporting IT services.

The ITIL framework follows a lifecycle approach to IT services. From Service Strategy right through to Continuous Improvement.


Some of the key benefits that adopting the ITIL frame work are:

1 Better Reliability and Quality of Service

The ITIL framework allows organisations to improve availability, reliability and security of critical IT services, this is achieved by implementing standards that are proven to work. Once these are in place then service providers and support staff can more easily deliver services consistently, restore service and reduce downtime. This improves efficiently and effectively.

2 Improved Customer Satisfaction and Service Delivery

The ITIL Framework allows for reliable and available services to customers, by focusing on the customer’s needs and user experiences.  This leads to an increase in customer satisfaction and in turn a more trusted relationship will develop. There are 3 key inputs in any organisation:  people, process and technology. By using ITIL it allows organisations to align IT and the business strategy. Organisations can deliver value to the customer.

3 Reduce Costs

ITIL allows organisations to reduce support costs significantly. With the investment in 1st level support with knowledge transfer through Problem management there is an increase in the calls that are closed and the need to call in 2nd level support is greatly reduced. There is an improved root cause analysis leading to improved resource utilisation.

4 Better Management of Business Risk and Service Disruption

ITIL allows for better management of business risk and service disruption by detecting and eliminating problems before they become a major issue and minimize the impact of incidents that cannot be prevented.

Dataworks provide a Managed Maintenance offering inlcuding both onsite and fully outsourced options. We have adopted the ITIL framework in order to meet our customer needs.  We continually align and re-align our Managed Maintenance service to the changing business needs of our customers. We have a multi-skilled, cross-functional team that share accountability and responsibility for the IT services we provide.

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