4 New Features In Visual Studio 2022

Visual Studio

Visual Studio 2022 was released on November 8th 2021. Some new features and extensions were introduced to the newest release. It also got a new modern look and feel for the user’s experience.

1.    AI IntelliCode

The upgraded IntelliCode will now offer to complete entire chucks of code and full line auto-complete. It will take into account any libraries you are using as can be seen in the LINQ example below. IntelliCode recommendations are based on thousands of open-source projects on GitHub each with over 100 stars.

Visual Studio

visual studio

Selecting the suggestion applies the changes to a LINQ expression.

Visual Studio

The IntelliCode also works in line so that if there is a suggestion, the user can just tab and will apply the new changes.

visual studio

This will mean less time typing more time coding

2.   .NET Hot Reloading

The Hot Reloading new feature allows Code Changes to be applied while the project debugs with having to restart the program (which wasn’t possible on previous versions). This allows for much greater productivity by reducing the time to rebuild, restart and re-navigate to the previous location where you were in the app itself has been removed.

visual studio


3.    Debugging Updates.

Debugging has seen been given some improvements, with the new Hot Load but also some new breakpoints options, as well as “Force Run To Cursor,”. This will ignore existing breakpoints and stop on the line of code selected. This would be extremely useful if there are a lot of breakpoints in the application from previous debugging and prevents having to skip over them manually.

When debugging, any variables values that are at the breakpoint will displayed to the user for easier debugging and time saving.

visual studio


4.   64-Bit Visual Studio

The shift from 32-bit to 64-bit is a big leap aimed at improving the app’s overall performance. This means developers using Visual Studio are no longer limited to ~4gb memory.  According to Microsoft, the highlight of Visual Studio 2022 is the 64-bit feature which is going to make the app “faster, more approachable, and more lightweight”.  In a demo released by Microsoft, Visual Studio 2022 was able to open up a solution that consisted of 1,600 projects and almost 300,000 files. This video can be found on the Microsoft Website.

Along with these new features (and there are more as seen in the list of updates by Microsoft) Visual Studio 2022 supports .NET 6, the newest release. It supports all features and will default all project to .NET 6.

The icons have all been redesigned for clarity and consistency and they use a new Cascadia font.

visual studio

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