Recent Survey

In a recent LinkedIn survey we asked:

“What do you value most from your current software managed services team?”

The choices were as follows:

  • Overall Support Experience
  • Engagement of Support Staff
  • Being an addition of your team
  • Knowledge of your applications


An overwhelming 67% of respondents choose “Overall Support Experience”.

Overall Support Experience

What does overall support experience mean to you? In Dataworks, each support call is a journey, from the moment the call is raised, to the follow up after close out of that issue.

Touch points are critical in order to give the customer a positive overall experience.  These touch points include any communications and interactions that the support team have with the customer. We believe that it is important to keep the customer informed at at all times and customer interaction is key; interactions such as emails, phone calls and team meetings.  Our highly experienced software engineers work with you to find what the impact is for the user – we understand the that what may appear as a small inconvenient issue on the surface, can have larger repercussions in your business.

When we are on-boarding new staff, we cover soft skills as well as technical skills. Softs skills development is just as important as technical skills when providing a managed service. All of our staff are ITIL trained (a set of detailed practices for IT service management that focuses on aligning IT services with the needs of business). We instil in our staff the importance of  delving into the issue to uncover a workable and timely solution.

Dedicated Support

We have a dedicated support manager to liaise with the each customer to ensure that any service issues are resolved within agreed timelines.

Our engineers work with a variety of customers and we provided managed services both onsite and offsite. We also have a support portal and an assigned dedicated engineer to resolve each issue.  If our 1st line support engineer cannot resolve the issue, it is escalated to our 2nd and 3rd line support engineers.  This model ensures a cost effective service for the customer.

At Dataworks we build up knowledge articles, which do more than just provide answers to the issue in questions, but become part of a knowledge base to serve as a reference for future issues of a similar nature. As we support a variety of customers it is important to record how to fix issues, and once documented, they allow 1st line support to resolve the support requests quicker making the whole process more efficient.

A Complete Software Managed Services Solution

You can experience a completely managed solution for your databases and applications which will provide support and maintenance of business activities across your systems. This managed service can take the form of on-site and remote support where we will seamlessly become a virtual extension of your team. We can expand or reduce the resources assigned to managing your systems based on your resourcing or project requirements. A key benefit of our model is that you can access a number of different technical skills and competencies, and different levels of expertise and experience in a mix that gives you the correct blend of skills and capacity that meets your needs, without having to have internal resources with different skills that may only be partially used at given times.


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