Visualise your Critical KPI’s in Real Time & Achieve Your Business Objectives

For many years now, time and time again, in customer meetings & industry events our clients have the same burning issues:

  • They don’t have access accurate KPI data for their organisation in real time
  • They can’t easily access accurate reports and trending for their organisation
  • They want to be able to visualise multiple data sources on intuitive dashboards
  • They need to remove the non value- add  “busy work” spent collecting data, and use this time more efficiently to drive Continuous Improvements within their organisation.

This problem is ongoing and addressing these issues can be truly transformational for an organisation.

You need to ensure that your team and organisation is achieving critical KPI’s.

At Dataworks we have developed a solution that will address every one of these issues. We can collect, aggregate and transform your production data and present your KPI’s in Real-time at an asset level, against targets, using our KPIWorks platform.

KPIWorks eliminates the manual collection of data and reporting to give you a live, real -time view of your operations and “One Version of the Truth”.

It allows you immediate access to data you can trust eliminating the mundane tasks associated with data analysis.

Not sure where to start? We have the roadmap. Get started and gain momentum

One of the main barriers to addressing these issues is that clients don’t know what first steps to take to address the problems. Don’t let that hold you back – at Dataworks we have delivered a number of transformational data visualisation projects with clients in the Medical Device and Pharmaceutical sectors.

We will work with you to determine what the critical factors are within your company and we will develop a system that will allow you to track how you are performing more accurately, in real time, against these KPI’s.

It is also imperative to take a Human Centric approach when implementing any new Digital Solution and previous clients have noted that KPIWorks delivered the following benefits :

  • Greater empowerment among associates enabling them to make correct decision on a daily basis
  • Significant Time Saving – Team leaders can now focus more on leadership than on collecting and collating data.
  • Operational Excellence and Engineering teams now have actionable information to help drive process improvements.
  • Key enabler for the growth of a Continuous Improvement culture
  • Reduction in Non Conformances and Corrective Actions.
  • A new way of doing business – ensuring the customer is getting the right product on time every time

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you address your KPI Visualization issues and get the most from your data to deliver real change contact us now

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