Working on site or off site for support

Dataworks provides on-site and off-site support for a number of different clients. We are very flexible in our approach to this.  We had a number of clients that insisted that we work onsite as they believed that this was what suited them and their working environment.  From March of this year all of our support staff have been working from home and have exceeded the customer expectations on the support that we are providing.


There are a number of key elements that make this work

  1. Before working off site the support staff worked on site – the customer got to know them and were comfortable that the support staff were doing the job right. They had gained confidence in the support staffs’ abilities.
  2. Communications with the customer is key, so following up, making sure they are happy and that any issues have been resolved satisfactorily.
  3. If the issue cannot be resolved then escalate.
  4. Review open tickets and follow back up with the customer on regular intervals to try and get the ticket closed.
  5. Good working relationship with the Support manager and the customer representatives.
  6. Regular support meetings to try and nip problems in the bud.
  7. Daily Gemba’s with support staff that cover different clients – Sometimes when you talk a problem through it is not a problem anymore.
  8. Use of Microsoft Teams – We created a support channel where issues can be discussed and ideas bounced off each other. When talking to customers through teams, insist that the camera be on so that the customer can see you – this is very important.

A Complete Software Managed Services Solution

You can experience a completely managed solution for your databases and applications which will provide support and maintenance of business activities across your systems. This managed service can take the form of on-site and remote support where we will seamlessly become a virtual extension of your team. We can expand or reduce the resources assigned to managing your systems based on your resourcing or project requirements. A key benefit of our model is that you can access a number of different technical skills and competencies, and different levels of expertise and experience in a mix that gives you the correct blend of skills and capacity that meets your needs, without having to have internal resources with different skills that may only be partially used at given times.


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