Dataworks Graduate Program: Nurturing Local Talent in the South East.


Dataworks, proud to continue to provide graduate training programmes to students in the South East.

Strong Links with Waterford Institute of Technology

Over the years Dataworks’ relationship with Waterford Institute of Technology has gone from strength to strength. The internship programme has paved the way for students to join the team at Dataworks from many disciplines here are a few examples:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Computing
  • Higher Diploma in Computer Science
  • Certificate in Pharmaceutical Technology

At Dataworks we believe that it is important as a local business to provide opportunities for students in our region to grow and develop.

From Placement to Fulltime Employee

Eric Colgan, who came to Dataworks first on a 6-month work placement, has been an employee for the past 5 years and is currently undergoing a masters in Enterprise Software Systems through Dataworks. Eric has progressed to an experienced Software Engineer and is a valued source of knowledge support for the rest of the team. When asked how his experience has been working for the company, Eric enthusiastically replied;

“It’s been great, honestly. I started here with no experience as a junior software engineer with no confidence in my practical skills. 5 years on I have the confidence to meet with customers, offer solutions and take on challenges. The confidence comes from everything I’ve learned in the last 5 years but also because of the team I have around me”

Graduate Success

Eoin Molloy, who joined as a graduate from BSc (Hons) in Entertainment Systems over a year ago, explains his progression into the IT industry.

“Working in Dataworks has been my first job in the IT industry and I’ve really enjoyed it. The confidence in my programming and documentation skills has improved immeasurably over the last year with the help of the very friendly and always willing to help work colleagues. I have learned so much about numerous programming languages, such as C#, typescript, and PLSQL to name a few. Dataworks has also given me an appreciation for all the aspects of the software development life cycle as in addition to programming and development, I work closely with staff members who work on Validation and Support. I’ve learned loads about their respective fields by working with them on projects. I couldn’t ask for a better Graduate position in the IT Industry than in Dataworks, where I get to work with such a close-knit group and where there is plenty of room for career growth.”

At Dataworks we understand that career growth is important to employees which is why we have always offered a path to career progression to all of our staff by facilitating appropriate training, shadowing senior engineers, and providing support wherever needed. This in turn has helped us retain and attract developers, validation engineers and support engineers of high calibre. As part of this, every year we give students from WIT and the South-East region the opportunity to come to Dataworks for their internships to get invaluable experience in a local IT company.


Work Experience Success Story

Our most recent student, from Bachelor of Science, Software Systems Development WIT had this to say about his 6 months experience here….

“I really enjoy working here because I can finally do what I enjoy, that being programming. Everybody is super friendly, nice and very easy to get along with. In terms of the actual work, it is very enjoyable and beneficial because I am now further expanding my programming knowledge and skills especially with C#, Angular and Typescript/JavaScript. I felt I was struggling with JavaScript in college, however, work placement at Dataworks allowed me to majorly improve in this area. This placement is a great opportunity for learning, meeting great people and seeing how a successful, professional company does things.”

2021 Placements

If your studies involve the areas of Development or Validation then get in touch as we will be welcoming a placement student from these disciplines in 2021.

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