Part One

In part one of this blog series I detailed how we are applying the Shingo Model in a Software Development Company. In this post, I will share how we are approaching the implementation of the Shingo Principles at Dataworks.

Buoyed by our knowledge of the Shingo Principles we embarked on sharing them with our staff. We filled several of our Monthly Innovation Friday sessions (with all staff) with a synopsis of Shingo and the elements we wanted to explore in more detail.

As mentioned in the previous post we held an offsite innovation session where the team reviewed our Vision, and were introduced to the Shingo Principles. Breaking out into smaller groups we took each principle and asked two questions:

  1. Why do we think this principle is important to us?

  2. What are the observable behaviours we would like to see, for each of the principles?

The session was without doubt the best group session we ever had in terms of the ideas, engagement and general good will. We have now arrived at 8 principles which we want to live by. In the infographics below we have documented why we believe in these principles (we will cover these in more detail in our next blog – and why these principles are key to us achieving our vision and objective):