Operational Excellence

At Dataworks we supply technology to enable our clients achieve process improvements and strive for Operational Excellence. The solutions we offer are generally aligned to contemporary Lean management, Six Sigma, and Shingo.

With over 21 years of providing software solutions and services to numerous multi-nationals we understand that a key factor in adding real value to our clients and in maintaining these partnerships is understanding the environments within which they work.

Many of our clients operate in the highly regulated Life Sciences sector and are heavily engaged in their own Lean and Continuous Improvement journeys. In fact our clients often depend on us to supply them with innovative solutions to help support their initiatives in this area, and to help them use technology as part of the tools and systems they put in place in their pursuit of excellence.  Some of our clients have received the highly acclaimed Shingo Award for Enterprise Excellence.

In the past few years Dataworks have been consciously applying Lean principles and initiatives internally in a number of areas:

  • The refinement and evolution of the Dataworks SDLC, ensuring that it is as Lean as possible and that each phase adds value to our clients.
  • We frequently use the Lean Canvas to prove out product and service ideas generated through our innovation program
  • The implementation of an internal 5S program involving all members of staff
  • Holding a variety of sessions educating staff in the Lean tools and principles that our clients use
  • We also have monthly “Lean Lessons” where we pick a Lean topic and write a bite-sized synopsis of that topic for staff

WIT Lean Enterprise Excellence

Through his involvement with the WIT Lean Enterprise Excellence Group Liam Curham, CEO of Dataworks was most recently invited to speak at the WIT Annual Lean Forum on the Application of Technology to Enable and Sustain Enterprise Excellence.

As part of our own journey towards Operational Excellence Liam recently completed an Enterprise Excellence Masterclass with SA Partners. The course is delivered through a series of highly interactive on-site workshops in 4 modules.

Liam had the following to say:

I really enjoyed the course and found it extremely interesting and valuable. It was delivered through a great interactive format – and it’s not just for companies working within Manufacturing. We look forward to applying the learnings internally in Dataworks and I am sure that the benefits will be felt by our customers as the effects spread throughout the company and our interaction with clients.

Make sure to check out our blog over the coming weeks to learn about Dataworks and our Continuous Improvement journey. In the meantime read our blog posts on The Application of Technology in a Visual Management Strategy and Applying Technology to Advance the Structured Problem Solving Process.

At Dataworks we enable the perfect hybrid of configurable off the shelf toolsets and custom software development to deliver innovative solutions to match your specific business process requirements. This ensures we are the best at what we do.

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Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net