Official Launch

Dataworks officially launched KPIWorks at the National Manufacturing and Supply Chain Summit on January 31st in City West Convention Centre, Dublin.

Identifying the Gap in the Market

By applying technology to process Dataworks have provided software solutions to clients operating in the medical device, pharmaceutical and life sciences for over 20 years. The KPIWorks product was borne out of Dataworks internal Innovation program where Dataworks identified a business issue in the marketplace that was not being solved for many of their clients.

Dataworks noticed that many clients reached a point in their Continuous Improvement journey where they began to stagnate. Dataworks had delivered several solutions to clients where they applied technology to their visual management strategy and the savings and process improvements were hugely significant.

These savings, and the need for such a product in the marketplace, led Dataworks to make the decision to develop their first product: KPIWorks.


What is KPIWorks?

KPIWorks provides real time manufacturing focused KPI Visualisation that enables users to view their KPI’s against target at an asset level in real time via a KPI Dashboard. The KPI Dashboard is a live KPI scoreboard with colour coded graphics and alerts in real time enabling associates, supervisors and value stream managers to view actual performance against target.

Manufacturing Focused – Unlocking the Benefits

According to Liam Curham, CEO “We are delighted to officially launch KPIWorks today. This product gives organisations one system with one view of how they are performing against their KPI’s – this really is the key to Operations led improvements. KPIWorks is manufacturing focused and we believe that this product will be a key enabler for our clients in unlocking improvements and ultimately savings and will help them in the development of their Continuous Improvement culture.”

Flexibility and Scalability

Brian Robinson CTO said “KPIWorks is a truly innovative product. From a technical standpoint KPIWorks is a very flexible and scalable product from both the data source connectivity perspective – it supports connectivity to multiple data sources such as MES applications, ERP systems and Automation through industry standards such as OPC-  and the front end technologies it supports including Microsoft Power BI, Iconics and Qlik.”

If you would like to learn more about KPIWorks or arrange a demonstration, please contact Dataworks on +353 (0)51 878 555.

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