Dataworks Celebrates 25 Years Delivering Transformational Solutions to Leaders in the Life Science Sector

This January 2020 Dataworks Limited celebrates 25 years in business – making us one of the longest serving tech companies in the South East.

Liam Curham,CEO, and Brian Robinson, CTO, established the company to provide software solutions to local businesses.  Our big break came in the late 90’s when we delivered our first software solution to Bausch & Lomb.  In 2000 we secured several projects with some of Bausch & Lombs’ US based manufacturing sites and this marked a significant milestone in our development and paved the way for us to move into the Life Sciences sector where we continue to work with some of the leading global Medical Device and Pharmaceutical companies where our focus is on delivering better outcomes for them and their customers through Digital Transformation.  In addition to our core software offerings, we also offer an extensive range of Validation and Data Integrity services, and a fully outsourced Software Managed Service.

For the past 6 years we have implemented a strategy which has seen us grow the business in terms of client base, staff numbers and revenue. We have expanded steadily from having 15 employees in 2014 to 43 today, and have also broadened our service offerings to the Life Science sector.

Liam & Brian – in the early days

Paving the way for Future Growth

In 2018 we achieved a key quality objective by securing NSAI ISO 9001:2015 for the provision of software development, validation & managed services for the Life Sciences industry. We feel that this will help us secure more business in the highly regulated Medical Device and Pharmaceutical sector we operate in. In addition to helping develop our customer base, it has also been the vehicle by which we developed new processes and structures internally which we hope will assist the next phase of our growth. Most importantly we have implemented a number of organisational structure changes and established Process Leads for all of our key functions including software development, managed services, validation & quality, sales & marketing and finance – which we believe will help drive the business forward.

Over the past 12 months we have put extensive work into analysing our customer value proposition which has seen us refining and expanding our services to the Life Science Industry and we are reaping the benefits of this strategy. In addition to Digital Transformation we envisage significant activity in the area of Data Integrity with our clients and have developed our own Playbook to help bring our clients through the assessment phase right through to remediation work to ensure compliance.

We have also developed a number of software products which form the framework for helping us addressing a number of our client’s biggest challenges – the elimination of paper based processes and records, and moving their visual management strategy to a real-time KPI led model.

In addition to the above developments we have focused heavily on implementing a culture of Continuous Improvement and developing a Great Place to Work strategy. We are thrilled that this year we have been announced as finalists in the Irish Manufacturing Research Manufacturing & Supply Chain Awards for ICT Manufacturing Team of the Year for Digital Transformation Projects that we have completed in the Life Sciences sector. It’s a great way to kick of our 25th year in business and we look forward to a year of celebrating this milestone.

Our future plans will hopefully see us increase staffing numbers further, and continue to expand the work we are doing with our existing clients and help us secure new client where we can work in partnership to deliver real value to their businesses.

The Dataworks Team

Waterford Links

As proud Waterford people, we are delighted to continue to develop our relationship with Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) from a work experience, internship and graduate perspective. Over 90% of our employees either graduated from WIT of have undertaken a post graduate course there. We are also active members of Waterford Chamber of Commerce and have benefited greatly from the local Skillnet and Regional Leadership Program in terms of staff training and development.

Celebrating 25 Years in Business

The Future is Bright

We feel the future is very bright here in Waterford and were delighted to become members of “Engineering the South East” recently. We are also very active in Crystal Valley Tech which has been a fantastic success in promoting the South East as a tech hub, and it’s great to see such a strong cluster of software and tech companies in the South East. While other areas of the country have become the main hubs for Medical Device and Pharma, we fell that with the right government supports and investment in Education, Infrastructure and Jobs, the South East can lead the way in Technology. Dublin would appear to have significant challenges from a housing perspective, and in terms of work-life balance Waterford and the greater South East Region is well up there as a great place to work and live.

Thank you to all of our clients and supporters throughout the last 25 years, we couldn’t have done it without you!