Dataworks 20th Anniversary

This year Dataworks celebrates its 20th anniversary in business. In 1995 our CEO and CTO, Liam Curham and Brian Robinson, opened their doors for business, providing software solutions and services to local SMEs. They had both previously worked for Kromberg and Schubert and decided to take the plunge when the company was going through an extensive restructuring programme. The alternative was a move to Dublin where IT jobs were plentiful, but with strong ties to Waterford, neither Brian nor Liam wanted to make that move.

20th Anniversary

Liam and Brian in the early days of Dataworks

Liam and Brian worked hard to build up a local customer base, progressing quickly by gaining contracts with many multi-nationals in Waterford and the South East region including Waterford Crystal, Hasbro and Bausch & Lomb. Their big break came in 2000 when they secured several projects with some of Bausch & Lombs US based manufacturing sites. Dataworks continued to grow steadily over the next number of years, providing custom software services, as a Microsoft certified Independent Software Vendor, to companies throughout Ireland and continuing to expand their export sales. With their focus on the
manufacturing sector, Dataworks expanded their offering again by becoming distributors and integrators for ICONICS in Ireland. ICONICS is a leading global visualisation company and their technology platform was the perfect match for Dataworks. “We are proud to be one of the leading indigenous technology companies in the South East, and 20 years on, we continue to grow, and provide sustainable employment in a region which has often struggled to thrive” Liam Curham, CEO. The Dataworks story certainly demonstrates that businesses can serve the local and international markets from a base here in Waterford. Thankfully, now 20 years on, they are not the only ones. ‘’We are excited to see so many technology companies doing so well here in Waterford now. It bodes well for the future of Waterford and the wider region’’ Brian Robinson, CTO. “We have invested heavily in Innovation and Technology in the last three years, and that has been a key factor in our growth, in terms of securing new business, offering new services, and ultimately in terms of employing more staff. We now employ 23 staff, and, we expect to see further growth next year”, continues Liam. “It was imperative that we continued to be technology leaders, and that we utilised the latest technology offerings in order to continue to provide innovative solutions to our clients. To that end, our technology team invests time in researching and deploying new technologies, and in fine tuning our own development life cycle, to ensure that we continue to deliver” Brian Robinson, CTO.

20th Anniversary

Brian and Liam Today

These are exciting times for us here at Dataworks, and in a new departure, we plan on bringing our first product to market in the next two months. With a new website in the pipeline and the product launch later this year, 2015 is shaping up to be a fantastic anniversary year for Liam, Brian and the Dataworks team.

Thank you to all our clients and supporters throughout the last 20 years, we couldn’t have done it without you.