Connecting People and Technology

Shingo: Promoting Excellence

According to the Shingo Institute, the Shingo Guiding Principles are the foundation to building a culture of Enterprise Excellence. The foundation of an organization is its culture which is central to the Shingo Model. The principles guide which behaviours we would like to observe in our organization.


Changing Culture by Shifting Behaviours

A change in culture requires a shift in behaviours. Purpose and Systems play a key role in driving behaviours. In Manufacturing today, Systems can have many components and layers. Some elements may be automation based, or manual or paper based, and others may be digitized in the form of an App or a Dashboard. Some of the Tools we use may also be in a digital form.

Many of our customers who are Shingo Award winners, or starting out on their Shingo Journey, are also embarking on a Digital Journey. Clients often assume that “you should lean the process before digitizing it” and while you certainly should not just digitise what you have, when considering a desired future state, digital can play a key role in automating and optimizing an existing process.

Leverage Digital to Cultivate a Culture of Excellence

Socio-Technical principles should also be applied with a Human-Centric approach. New digital platforms, including Low-Code / No-Code platforms such as the Microsoft Power Platform, enable and support the synergy of technology, people skills and knowledge to implement innovative solutions that help drive and support the behaviours you want to instill to develop a real culture of Enterprise Excellence. They can also add a lot of value when implemented in the correct way and when they support,but do not replac,e the human interactions and critical activities like Tiered Meetings, Gemba Walks etc.

Dataworks: Helping Support Your People with Technology

Dataworks has collaborated with customers where their digital maturity level has progressed in tandem with achieving their Shingo based behaviours by creating tools such as Action Trackers, Digital Tools and Real-time Dashboards to support Tiered meetings, management of A3’s, Process Checklists and many more.

Key to success is ensuring that the technology supports the people by eliminating “busy work” and providing them with more insights that allow them to drive improvements. Technology should be an enabler, but not replace critical human interactions during daily work such as group problem solving, tiered meetings and general culture of supporting each other to achieve their goals.


At Dataworks, we put people at the centre of everything we do, we understand the importance of keeping your team connected and can ensure that your company fully embraces digital without compromise.

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