Accelerate your Digitisation and Optimisation with the Microsoft Power Platform

Power Platform

Achieve your Digital Transformation Targets.

The Microsoft Power Platform can accelerate how you digitally evolve your processes and offers a simplistic and iterative way of helping you to achieve your digital transformation targets.

This technology offers the perfect fit for this new era where you have existing processes that you want to optimise in an iterative manner. Until now if you wanted to digitise a process you had to buy an Off-The-Shelf package or outsource custom development.

In certain cases, the Power Platform has opened a huge opportunity to digitise processes using a low code/no code platform where we work collaboratively with you to rapidly digitise your processes and build up your internal capabilities over time offering a game changing option that will accelerate your digital transformation.

Rapid Optimization

We recently completed a project for a Multinational Medical device manufacturer using the Microsoft Power Platform leading to significant time savings within their planning department.
They were spending 32 hours per month manipulating Excel to generate forecasts. Using the Microsoft Power Platform this time was reduced by 80% rapidly optimizing how they worked.

By removing this “busy work” they could now focus on the more important elements of their role and it gave them more time to identify further opportunities for improvement within the department.

In addition to this a number of significant issues were identified with the data which led to further removal of waste from the process which was an unexpected benefit of the project.

Take the First Step

If you want to learn more about the Power Platform and how we can engage with you to get started on your Power Platform journey contact us today on 051 878 555.

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