Importance of a “Dry Run” in Removing Documentation Errors

Dry run

Validation Deviations & Discrepancies

For most pharmaceutical/medical device companies they do not want to see deviations or discrepancies being raised in validations, as these then need to be documented, approved, fixed, and subsequently retested, adding time and cost to a project.  This is where a dry run is crucial to remove documentation errors and to also find bugs prior to formal testing.  As dry runs are of huge benefit to a project we now factor this task into the testing schedule, and so, instead of being a ‘nice to have’ they are now a mandatory part of the testing cycle.

The most common approach to doing a Dry Run is when the software tester has all the test scripts written and prior to them being formally approved, and the software is deemed ready for testing by the software developer.  The Dry Run can then be executed by informally running through the test scripts and logging any issues.  We log any issues that we find in Devops for the developer to fix.  It also gives the software tester the chance to ensure the test scripts flow, as expected and the chance to fix any documentation errors.

Benefits to doing a Dry Run:

Benefits to the Customer:

  • A fully tested system which may save time and money in the long run with regard to bugs being found at the PQ stage and in the ‘Live’ environment.


Benefits to the Developer:

  • Confidence in the code or product being handed over to the software tester for formal qualification.
  • More robust code.
  • Less documentation as deviations and discrepancies would need a detailed explanation as to what the bug was and how it was fixed.


Benefits to the Software Tester:

  • Saves time in the long run as there are less deviations or discrepancies with code when formal testing is being executed.
  • Less formal documentation is needed with regard to software bug fixes.
  • More testing time.
  • If there are any test script errors found these can be fixed before formal testing and before the test scripts have been approved again this saves time on having to raise these as issues in formal testing and updating test scripts and having someone review them and approve again.
  • It allows the tester feel more confident when going into OQ.


At Dataworks we believe that the benefits of a Dry Run can only truly be considered and assessed on a project-by-project basis – taking all of the advantages to each stakeholder into account.

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